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In an age where the fast acquisition of knowledge and skills is critical, you must be able to train an administrator-in-training (AIT) or mentor quickly and well without decreasing your own or your staff’s productivity. This program will offer administrators in skilling nursing facilities information to assist them as preceptors for AITs and/or mentors. Topics covered include culture change, state statutes and regulations, communication, generational styles, learning styles, principles of adult education, leadership, and team building.

Participants completing this training program will be able to:

  1. Identify the regulatory requirements of a preceptor.
  2. Support the development of an individualized
    curriculum for an AIT/mentor and preceptor,
    including culture change and quality.
  3. Identify topics to be covered with an AIT/mentor.
  4. Describe teaching methods that can be utilized
    with an AIT/mentor.
  5. Implement a training program for the AIT/mentor.
  6. Evaluate the completed training program for the
    AIT/mentor and preceptor.

This program is designed for administrators in skilled nursing facilities who would like to become preceptors or who want to renew their preceptor certificates. Administrators must complete the entire course in order to obtain certification as a preceptor.

This course meets the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Licensure Unit in Nursing Home Administration requirements for five (5) hours of a preceptor training course and continuing education credit.

Nebraska Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor Application

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services  – 172 NAC 106; 010-011

010. CERTIFIED PRECEPTOR. To obtain a preceptor certificate, an individual must submit a complete application provided by the Department and provide documentation demonstrating that the applicant meets the credentialing requirements of Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 38-2420, 172 NAC 10, and this chapter.

            010.01  REQUIREMENTS AND DOCUMENTATION. Applicants must submit:

                              010.01(A)    LICENSE.  Evidence  of  holding  a  current  active  Nebraska  Nursing  Home  Administrators                                                                         license.

                              010.01(B)  EXPERIENCE. Documentation of having at least 3 years of experience as a Nursing Home                                                                               Administrator in the 5 years immediately preceding the application.

                              010.01(C)  TRAINING. Documentation of having completed a preceptor training course as set out in 172                                                                    NAC. This training must have been completed within 12 months immediately prior to the                                                                                application.

                             010.01(D)  DISCIPLINARY ACTION.  Verification that the applicant has not had his or her nursing home                                                                        administrator license disciplined, limited, suspended, or placed on probation during the 1 year                                                                    immediately prior to the application for a preceptor certification.  At least 1 year must have                                                                          elapsed following completion of any disciplinary terms and conditions.  If any of these actions are                                                              taken by the Department during the trainee supervisory period, the preceptor must terminate the                                                          supervision immediately and notify the Department.

011. PRECEPTOR INITIAL TRAINING PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. An approved preceptor training course  must  be  at  least  5 hours  in  duration.  The  following  are  acceptable  training  programs:

            (A)The  National  Association  of  Long  Term  Care  Administrator  Boards’  preceptor  on-line training course; or

             (B)   A training program, which includes the following training areas:

                           (i)   At least 1 hour in preceptor expectations and administrator licensing regulations; and

                          (ii)   At least 1 hour in 4 of the following areas:

                                            (1)  Leadership and team building;

                                            (2)  Communication;

                                            (3)  Generational learning styles;

                                            (4)  Adult learning;

                                            (5)  Coaching and mentoring; or

                                            (6)  Fostering professionalism

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