Alternative Therapies for Patients with Dementia

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There are no promising treatment options for patients with dementia. However, alternative therapies (AT) can manage the symptoms. AT can postpone deterioration and help patients go through the disorder easier. These non-pharmaceutical therapies are cost-effective, cultural-based, and have no side-effects. Studies on common therapies like aromatherapy, art, drama, doll, light, dance, music, and animal therapies will be presented. The implications of the research results in clinical practice and practical possibilities at nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care facilities, as well as options for outpatients, will be discussed.  


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Define alternative therapy and understand how alternative therapies can help manage some of the symptoms of dementia and related symptoms, and understand different ways of using the same therapeutic tool to get better results
  2. Understand the effect of some commonly-practiced interventions. The interventions include aromatherapy, art, drama, doll, light, dance, music, and animal therapy
  3. Understand how research on alternative therapy is completed and why it is important; how research transfers into clinic; how to apply research results on animal-assisted therapy and music therapy to clinic; and about the considerations and complications of research as compared to clinic, and vice versa
  4. Understand how to implement alternative therapies in outpatient settings and long-term health services, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities


This program is appropriate for all audiences in health care.


Ladan Ghazi Saidi, PhD

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