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Taking care of someone at the end of life is different than taking care of someone who is going to get better. Most people don’t understand this and aren’t familiar with the particular goals of end-of-life care. If we don’t teach people the difference, our end-of-life work will be judged by the wrong standard  – by the standard of recovery. In this important and engaging webinar, Barbara Karnes, RN, draws on her forty years of experience as an award-winning hospice nurse, agency administrator, educator, and thought leader to talk about the critical role education plays in the care that we provide at the end of life.


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the challenges in end of life education and understand the need to maintain consistency in knowledge and educational programming across agencies
  2. Emphasize the importance to patients and families of receiving high quality, clear, compassionate and honest information in an easily accessible format
  3. Highlight the role of quality education in raising CAHPS scores and other satisfaction measures
  4. Share educational materials and describe how to most effectively use them


This webinar is designed for palliative and hospice care professionals (MD, RN, SW, Clergy, Funeral Directors, Administrators, etc.) who are in a position to provide information to the public about end-of-life care.


Barbara Karnes, RN: Award Winning End-of-Life Educator, Award-Winning Hospice Nurse, NHPCO Hospice Innovator Award Winner (2018), and International Humanitarian Woman of the Year (2015)

Barbara is an internationally respected speaker, educator, author, and thought leader on matters of the end of life. She is a renowned authority to explain the dying process to families, health care professionals, and the community at large. Learn more about Barbara here.

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