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This virtual intensive MDS training will provide in-depth education on the RAI process. This program will help staff better understand the assessment process and why quality measures trigger an MDS assessment.

Participants completing this training program will be able to:

Objective 1

  1. State the regulatory guidelines for setting Assessment Reference Dates (ARD) and MDS completion for each OBRA assessment type.
  2. State when Nebraska Specific Section S is required to be completed.
  3. State the only acceptable way to set ARDs.
  4. Verbalize the requirements, timelines, and processes for resident interviews.

Objective 2

  1. List the four Late Loss ADLs that affect reimbursement (Medicare and Medicaid Case Mix) which also affect quality measures.

Objective 3

  1. Correctly state the residents’ bowel and bladder continence during the MDS look-back window.
  2. Accurately identify active diagnoses for MDS coding.
  3. Discuss the components determining a PDPM Level.
  4. Describe the ICD-10 Process for PDPM.

Objective 4

  1. Describe the MDS items that trigger quality measures related to pain and falls.
  2. Describe how significant weight losses and weight gains are to be determined.
  3. Discuss medications that affect the quality measures.
  4. List the pressure ulcer stages and the qualifications for each stage.

Objective 5

  1. Report the requirements for coding the special treatments, programs, and procedures that impact quality measures and Medicare reimbursement.
  2. Identify the physical restraint items that impact the quality measures and how position change alarms may have the effect of restraining a resident.
  3. Report when the Local Contact Agency must be involved in discharge planning.
  4. Report three examples of significant change in condition criteria for decline.

Objective 6

  1. Describe the correct procedure for completing the Care Area Assessments.
  2. Describe the Care Planning Process as it relates to the CAAs, Diagnoses, and Medications.

Objective 7

  1. Describe the Care Planning Process as it relates to the CAAs, Diagnoses, and Medications.
  2. Verbalize the daily skilled services criteria for Medicare A and the Daily Skilled Nursing Documentation.

Objective 8

  1. Explain when Section GG is required and how it affects the SNF PDPM.
  2. Describe the windows for setting the ARDs of scheduled PPS assessments and the Other Medicare Required Assessments.

This program is appropriate for all in nursing facilities.

This education program meets the continuing competency requirements of 21 hours for the renewal/reinstatement of a Nebraska Nursing Home Administrator’s license as granted by the Nebraska Board of Nursing Home Administrators. This program meets the criteria of an approved continuing education program for social work. This program meets the criteria for continuing education of 21 hours for nurses. This program is appropriate continuing education for activity coordinators. Participants must stay in the education program the entire time to receive full credit.

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