Can We Even Use Opioids Anymore?

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The continuing United States opiate crisis has caused a variety of new laws and Medicare restrictions on the dispensing and payment for these drugs. Do any of these changes impact long-term care? Are there allowances for these patients? How can caregivers help their patients and the providers who are trying to work within the rules? This program will look at what is and likely is not allowed in pain management. 


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the drug class that is most likely, when combined with an opiate, to cause an accidental overdose 
  2. Recognize those pain conditions NOT appropriate for opiate therapy 
  3. Appreciate the dosing of opiates in the geriatric population 


This program is appropriate for administrators, nurses, social services, medical directors, therapy, direct care staff, and others who work in a long-term care, hospice, or palliative care setting. 


Ally Dering-Anderson, BA, PharmD, RP, FAPhA 

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