CBD Oil: What Does CBD Do?

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Patients and families are worried about the opiate crisis and they are searching for alternatives. Recent press about CBD makes it seem a panacea for many of the conditions seen in long term care facilities. Does it really help? What exactly does it do? This program will focus on the pharmacology and the therapeutic evidence for this cannabinoid. It will also address those claims with no evidence and a variety of legal statements from Nebraska’s Attorney General and the FDA.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize that CBD is NOT regulated or tested as a prescription, in most instances.
  2. Identify those therapeutic uses of CBD that have some scientific evidence to support consideration.
  3. Discuss the “legality” of using CBD as a medical therapy.

All audiences in healthcare.

Ally Dering-Anderson, BA, PharmD, RP, FAPhA

One hour of continuing education is available. Please defer to your licensing board or agency to ensure courses taken meet your license requirements.

Registration Fee……………………….. $55 per individual

(One continuing education hour, and on-demand recording included)

Webinar registration fees are non-refundable. See substitution, cancellation, and refund policies here.

Webinar fees must be paid in advance.

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