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Social Services Designee On-Demand

This training offers the specific knowledge to fulfill the role of social service in a nursing facility under
120 beds as defined in the state and federal requirements for nursing facilities/long-term care. Coursework must be completed by Sept. 30, 2021. 

At the completion of the social service designee training, the
participant will be able to:
1. Function in the role of social service designee in a nursing facility.
2. Assess the psycho-social and spiritual needs of the resident in a nursing facility.
3. Develop an appropriate psycho-social plan of care for residents in a nursing facility.
4. Contribute to an interdisciplinary team plan of care conference.
5. Utilize Nebraska resources in meeting resident needs.
6. Participate in the care team that provides services to the resident.
7. Function in the advocate role on behalf of the resident.

The training is designed for the person with primary responsibility for the social service program in a nursing facility.

This training meets the criteria to become a social service designee and of an approved continuing education program for social service designees – 42 hours. This training does not fulfill the requirements to become a certified social worker.

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