This course is broken up into individual lessons. Most lessons have handouts that can be downloaded by clicking the “Materials” tab at the top of each lesson and then clicking on each file. If there are multiple handouts in the lesson, there will also be a ZIP file containing all handouts. Download that file and extract the contents to a folder if you don’t want to open or download each file individually.

Each lesson in this course has one or more topics that will contain video recordings. You must watch the full video for each topic before marking that topic as complete. Completing all topics and marking them as complete is required to progress through the course.

Buttons at the bottom of each topic will allow you to navigate the course or mark a topic as complete.

Click “Mark Complete” after each topic to navigate to the next topic. You will not be able to proceed to the next lesson until all topics have been marked as complete.

Each lesson will have an assessment associated with it. You must complete each assessment with a 100% passing grade to be able to proceed to the next lesson. You can retake assessments if you don’t pass on the first attempt. The course progression requires you to complete each topic, assessment, or lesson before proceeding to the next one in the list.

After all lessons, topics, and assessments have been completed, your certificate of completion will be automatically generated.

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